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Noninvasive brain tumor biopsy on the horizon

New technique developed at Washington University in St. Louis uses blood test

CRISPR enhances gene therapy to fight inherited diseases

Use of CRISPR and a virus extends life of genetic fix in mice

Local start-up getting attention for developing cancer treatments

St. Louis start-up company Unleash Immuno Oncolytics is developing viruses that are specific for fighting cancer. Read full article at...


Cutting off cervical cancer’s fuel supply stymies tumors

Drug combo shuts down tumor metabolism, mouse study shows Read full article »

Washington University Department of Radiation Oncology faculty members at Siteman Cancer Center receive recognition for recent publications

Two faculty members from the Washington University Department of Radiation Oncology at Siteman Cancer Center have received honors for recent...

Five WashU research teams win LEAP Inventor Challenge Awards

The latest cycle of the LEAP Inventor Challenge has wrapped up, and five university research teams expect to be awarded...

Director of Cancer Biology Division named

From research to patient care, Schwarz seeks to deliver optimal radiation therapy

ASTRONews Researcher Spotlight: ASTRO’s 2016 Junior Faculty Award Winner

Dr. Stephanie Markovina has been profiled in the Spring 2017 issue of ASTRONews for her research.


St. Louis startup attacking Zika raises $500,000 from Japanese firm

Precision Virologics, a local startup co-led by Dr. David Curiel, has been awarded $500,000 in order to further develop targeted...

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Radiation oncology researcher awarded funding from Children’s Discovery Insitute

Hong Chen, PhD is a recipient of funding from the Children’s Discovery Institute for a study surrounding the use of focused ultrasound...