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Andrei Laszlo, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology



  • BS, Chemistry: University of Chicago, Chicago, IL (1970)
  • MS, Biophysical Chemistry: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (1972)
  • PhD, Biochemical Genetics: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (1979)


Andre Laszlo, PhD, is a tenured associate professor of radiation oncology in the Cancer Biology Division since 1984. After obtaining a PhD in plant genetics at the University of California, Berkeley, 1979, he performed postdoctoral work at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (tumor promoters and extracellular matrix) and the University of California, San Francisco (hyperthermia and molecular chaperones). Professor Laszlo has done research in the biology of molecular chaperones focusing on clinical hyperthermia and heat radiosensitization. He has participated in several scientific societies, organized several domestic and international meetings and has served on the editorial boards of two journals.


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