M92 RadOnc 740 Radiation Oncology Clerkship

A 2-week clinical clerkship elective to third-year WUSM medical students

The Department of Radiation Oncology offers this clinical clerkship to WUSM 3rd-year students as an elective through the medical school. This clerkship offers students an introduction to the field of radiation oncology. Students work with multiple attending physicians and residents during the two-week clerkship, are exposed to a broad overview of procedures and cancer subtypes, and are introduced to possible research options.  Faculty and residents have been tremendously supportive of medical student research, and students have been very successful in publishing first author papers on clinical effectiveness.

Learn more about our clinical clerkship in the School of Medicine Bulletin »

M92 RadOnc 801 Clinical Radiation Oncology Subinternship

A 4-week clinical clerkship/sub-internship elective to fourth-year WUSM and Visiting medical students

The Department of Radiation Oncology offers this subinternship to 4th-year students with an emphasis on the evaluation, planning, and administration of radiation therapy in patients with malignant tumors. Students will participate in the management of cancer patients through direct patient care, using medical physics (treatment planning) and understanding cancer biology (pathological and biological features.)  This subinternship also includes mentored preparation to lead a department noon conference on the management of a specific patient’s care. 

Learn more about our subinternship in the School of Medicine Bulletin »

Visiting Students

M92 RadOnc 801 Clinical Radiation Oncology Subinternship

This clinical elective is available, space-permitting, to full-time students in good academic standing in their final year of medical school.  Please see the description above, and visit WUSM’s Visiting Students webpage for more information and instructions for applying via the AAMC/s Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) site.

Diversity & Inclusion Clerkship Opportunity for Underrepresented Medical Students (D.I.C.O.M.S.)

The Department of Radiation Oncology is pleased to welcome applications for our D.I.C.O.M.S. program, which is designed to give fourth-year medical students from diverse backgrounds the experience of rotating as a sub-intern in our department for a 4-week block from August through October, following WUSM’s elective calendar schedule. Students must apply to WUSM via the AAMC/s Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS); therefore must be enrolled in their final year of medical school in good academic standing at an LCME accredited medical school, have completed all required core clerkships, and  must meet requirements set forth by the Washington University School of Medicine for all visiting students.  

The program is open to minority applicants who belong to diverse groups that have been traditionally disadvantaged, underrepresented, or inadequately supported in medical training. We seek applications from minorities that historically have been underrepresented in the field of Radiation Oncology such as Women in the Biomedical Workforce, and racial minorities including African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Hispanic American, and Pacific Islander. We also seek applications from sexual and gender minorities such as those who identify as LGBTQI+.  Finally, we seek applications from students whose pathway to medical training includes substantial personal or financial adversity. 

Department support for participants includes a $2000.00 stipend to help offset the cost of travel, housing, fees, VSAS application fee, and incidental expenses. 

Learn more about WUSM’s diversity programs and mission from the Office of Diversity Programs.

Accepted D.I.C.O.M.S. students will be enrolled in the M92 RadOnc 801 elective, and must follow WUSM’s application instructions for Visiting Students, as found on WUSM’s Visiting Students webpage.

The application deadline is June 1, 2022. More details can be found here.

Clerkship Director

Maria Thomas, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

Clerkship Coordinator: Allison Lehman (allison.lehman@wustl.edu)