M92 RadOnc 801 Clinical Radiation Oncology (Clinical Elective) (2-week rotations)

The Radiation Oncology clinical division offers WUSM students this 2-week elective with emphasis on the evaluation, planning, and administration of radiation therapy in patients with malignant tumors. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the natural history of cancer, as well as its pathological and biological features. Students will sharpen their clinical skills by participating in the management of cancer patients. Students will be expected to prepare for clinical consultations by reviewing patient records and relevant literature, obtaining the patient’s history and performing a physical examination. This will be followed by presenting findings and a proposed care plan to the attending and resident physicians.

Course contacts:  Christy Hanson, chanson@wustl.edu or Allison Lehman, allison.lehman@wustl.edu

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M92 RadOnc 910 Radiation Oncology Advanced Clinical Rotation (ACR) (4-week rotations)

The Department of Radiation Oncology invites students planning to apply for radiation oncology residency to enroll in the Radiation Oncology Advanced Clinical Rotation (ACR). The field of radiation oncology involves the delivery of therapeutic radiation for patients with malignant and some benign conditions. Radiation oncology is a field which has a great team dynamic among physicians, physicists, nurses, therapists, social workers, and many others. We also collaborate in a multi-disciplinary fashion with medical oncology and surgical oncology. Clinical care will be provided at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, South County, and West County.

This course will fully immerse the student in the field of radiation oncology and prepare them for a successful transition to radiation oncology residency. Students will be directly involved in patient care, including seeing new outpatient and inpatient consults, follow ups, and on-treatment patients. Students will review the patient charts as well as relevant literature, obtain the patient’s history, perform a physical exam, and counsel the patient regarding their proposed treatment recommendations. The student will then present their findings and proposed treatment plan to the resident and attending. Students will also be involved in radiation simulations, contouring, and treatment planning. Students will attend lectures on clinical management, radiation biology, and radiation physics. Students will present at the department case management conference as well as give a talk at the completion of the rotation to department faculty and residents. During this course, students will expand their knowledge of radiation oncology and will be well prepared to start radiation oncology residency.

For visiting students interested in applying for this ACR, please follow instructions found here for how to apply through VSLO

Course contacts:  Christy Hanson, chanson@wustl.edu or Allison Lehman, allison.lehman@wustl.edu

Clerkship Director

Maria Thomas, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

Clerkship Coordinator: Allison Lehman (allison.lehman@wustl.edu)