The goal of medical physics division research is to further imaging and treatment of cancer patients through combination of basic sciences and modern technologies.  The division’s emphasis is on high impact projects that are commensurate with our capabilities and resources.  Over the years, we have provided the leadership in several significant developments in radiation therapy, and we are consistently recognized as one of the leading medical physics groups in the world.

Physics faculty are active participants and lead numerous research activities in the department.  Research includes image acquisition and reconstruction, functional/biological imaging, advanced treatment planning applications, quality assurance, instrumentation, and development of novel procedures and treatment technologies, along with more fundamental physical and mathematical science.  Physics faculty collaborate with industry partners to develop emerging technology through Master Research and Services Agreements.  The division has pioneered MR-guided therapy with adaptive planning, and has become a world leader in adaptive radiotherapy.  The division also played a key role in the development of modern CT simulation technology.  Clinical research and collaboration with commercial partners has resulted in several commercial products that are now used around the world.

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