Zhang, JinNIHR01$1,663,7609/7/20235 yrsIntegrating multi-omics, imaging, and longitudinal data to predict radiation response in cervical cancer
Zhang, JinNIHR01$3,039,3895/1/20235 yrsHPV genomic structure in cervical cancer radiation response and recurrence detection has completed the first phase of peer review
Perkins, StephanieBe Positive FdnPrivate$150,0001/1/20232 yrsBrain Network Organization and Long-Term Cognitive Outcome in Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients
Chaudhuri, Aadel /Eric Leuthardt/Hong ChenNIHNIH$105,05312/1/20224 yrsSonobiopsy for Noninvasive Genetic Evaluation of Glioblastoma Patients
Chaudhuri, Aadel /Angela HirbeChildren’s Tumor FdnPrivate$175,80410/1/20222 yrsUtilization of Cell Free DNA Liquid Biopsy for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Tumor Evolution in MPNST
Schwarz, JulieNIHR01$1,870,3159/16/20225 yrsOptimizing radiation therapy through the manipulation of glutamine metabolism
Zhang, TiezhiTetraimaging, LLCIndustry$111,2739/16/20222 yrsDevelopment of multilayer strip ion chamber device for the measurement of proton flash-RT
Zhang, TiezhiTetraimaging, LLCIndustry$454,1409/1/20222 yrsNovel tetrahedron beam CT for point-of-care imaging in ear, nose and throat imaging
Lo, WillRSNAPrivate$30,0007/1/20221 yrIntegrin‐Targeted PET Imaging and Therapeutics To Predict and Mitigate Radiation‐Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis
Schwarz, Julie K/Eberlein, TimothyNIHU3 P30$220,5007/1/20221 yrTargeting IL-6 in the tumor microenvironment to improve treatment outcomes in cervical cancer
Hirbe, Angela, Chaudhuri, Aadel, Shern, JackChildren’s Tumor FdnPrivate$1.9M7/15/2022Utilization of Cell Free DNA Liquid Biopsy for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Tumor Evolution in MPNST
Zhang, JinNIHR21$257,1256/13/20222 yrsDeep Learning in Cervical Cancer Radiogenomics
Jones, Paul (Chaudhuri Lab)Children’s Tumor FdnPrivate$64,0006/1/20222 yrsEarly Detection and Model Development of NF1-MPNST using Liquid Biopsy of ctDNA
Schwarz, Julie & Rentschler, StaceyNIH R01$787,4986/1/20222 yrsMechanistic Basis of Cardiac Irradiation as a Therapy for Ventricular Tachycardia
Hao, Yao & Zhao, TianyuNIH/NCISBIR$1.98M4/15/20222 yrsThermoacoustic Range Verification During Delivery of a Clinical Plan by a Synchrocyclotron: transition from research prototype to turnkey clinical device
Baumann, BrianNAPTPrivate$50,0002/1/20221 yrComparative effectiveness of proton vs. photon chemo-radiotherapy
Zoberi, ImranSiteman Investment ProgramInternal WU$258,0001/1/20222 yrsEvaluation of Single Fraction Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation vs Five Fraction Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation for Low-risk Stage 0 and 1 Breast Carcinoma
Curiel, DavidMedical College of WINIH$300,71812/1/20211 yrDissemination and Coordination Center for the SCGE Consortium: Enhanced in vivo editing of the endothelium via a novel adenovirus-AAV chimera vector
DeSelm, CarlEmerson CollectivePrivate$399,99412/17/20212 yrsPharmacologically Modulated Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Dendritic Cells
Perkins, StephanieBJHFPrivate$67,20210/1/20212 yrsAdaptive Proton Therapy Program
Chaudhuri, AadelTempus Labs, Inc.Industry$150,00012/7/20211 yrCell-free DNA derived AR/enhancer locus alterations to predict resistance to AR-directed therapy
Robinson, CliffNIH R01 mPINIH12/1/20215 yrsComparative effectiveness of surgery vs stereotactic radiation therapy for stage 1 lung cancer
Sun, BaozhouMcDonnell ScholarInternal WU$18,00010/1/20211 yrGlobal Incubator Seed Grant from the McDonnell International Scholars Academy
Chaudhuri, AadelChildren’s Discovery InstitutePrivate$450,00010/1/20213 yrsPrecise diagnosis and monitoring of MPNST via cell-free DNA liquid biopsy
Kapoor, VaishaliElsa PardeePrivate$119,26110/1/20211 yrAnti-PDZ domain antibodies conjugated to radiosensitizers to enhance the efficacy of radiation therapy of lung cancer
Curiel, DavidWalking Fish TherapeuticsIndustry$436,05510/1/20212 yrsAdapter-based adenovirus retargeting for B cells
Chaudhuri, AadelMIRA R35 ESINIH$1.9MAug 20215 yrsLiquid Biopsy
Zhang, TiezhiTetraimaging, LLC/STTRIndustry$68,2299/21/20211 yrSuper-resolution dual-energy dental CT based on distributed x-ray source and photon counting detector
Chen, Hong & Rogers, BuckNIH UG3NIH$715,5749/1/20213 yrsiSonogenetics for incisionless cell-type-specific neuromodulation of non-human primate brains
Chen, HongSIP RDA – Team Science Award CategorySiteman2021 Cycle 1WUSTL Glioblastoma Team Science: An integated and collaborative approach to develop new therapies for glioblastoma
Zhang, JinSIP RDASiteman2021 Cycle 12 yrsHPV genomic structural subtypes in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Kim, TaehoSIP RDASiteman$199,9212021 Cycle 12 yrsMRI augmented X-ray imaging-guided adaptive radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer (MAX-guided ART)
Bergom, CarmenNIH R01 (transfer grant)NIH$1,471,8017/1/20213 yearsGenetic Modifiers of Radiation Therapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity
Totelli, BrettRSNA Medical Student GrantFoundation$3,00020211 yearThe vaginal microbiome and chemoradiation in locally advanced cervical cancer
Azab, KareemGlycomimetics, Inc.Contract$64,8356/10/20216 monthsTargeting tumor-associated endothelium, with liposomes targeted with small molecules against E-select
Zhang, TiezhiMevion Medical SystemsPrivate$128,3184/20/20211 yearFluence-aperture alternating optimization (FAAO) planning method for hyperscan adaptive aperture TRE
Zhang, TiezhiNIH R03NIH$78,7504/15/20218 monthsDevelopment of mmWave Technology for Safe Radiation Treatment Delivery
Bergom, CarmenKomen ResearchPrivate$32,1724/9/20211 yearEnhancing Breast Cancer Treatment Responses by Targeting Genetic Host Factors
Yang, JoannaICTSNIH / Internal WU$5,0004/6/20211 yearEstimating real-world endocrine therapy adherence using claims data
Goldstein, MichaelTIPSInternal WU$7,5004/1/2021until spentThe Interesting Patient Study (TIPS) program
Zhang, JinICTSNIH / Internal WU$50,0003/1/2021 1 yearExamine Cervical Cancer HPV Genotypic Radiation Response using Augmented Structural Gene Expression Differences
Thotala, DineshPolaris PharmaceuticalsIndustry Sponsored$422,3381/7/2020 (award issued late)2 yearsCOMBINATION OF ARGININE DEPRIVATION AND RADIATION AS A POTENTIAL CANCER THERAPY
Markovina, StephanieACS-IRGResearch Award                    $30,000Jan 20211 yearEXPLOITING THE CANCER LYSOSOME AS A TOOL FOR RADIOSENSITIZATIO
Curiel, DavidNIH-R01NIH Supplement$422,3381/7/20211 yearNOVEL VECTOR PLATFORM FOR GENE THERAPY
Kavanaugh, James.DecimalIndustry Sponsored$150,00011/1/20209 monthsCONSORTIUM MEMBER FOR IM-BECT TREATMENT PLANNING STUDY
Rogers, BuckNIH / IL Inst of TechSubcontract with IIT through NIH R01$522,8089/15/20204 yearsDEVELOPMENT OF SUPERIOR CHELATION CHEMISTRY FOR 89ZR-IMMUNOPET IMAGING
DeSelm, CarlAgilent TechnologiesEarly Career Professor Award$50,0009/1/20202 yearsLIVE CELL IMAGING OF IMMUNE ACTIVATING CAR ANTIGEN PRESENTING CELLS
BJHF Designated FundSiteman Investment Program Research Development Award Multi-PI pre-R01                    $3,65910/1/20201 yearAVATAR ANESTHESIA ALTERNATIVE IN PEDIATRIC RADIOTHERAPY
Thorstad, WadeUniversity of Illinois at Urbana NIHNIH                 $25,4068/1/20201 yearMULTIMODAL BIOMARKERS FOR OROPHARYNGEAL CANCER
Spraker, MatthewAnonymous #9 Emerson CollectiveCancer Research Fund                 $52,3268/1/20201 yearLITE SABR M2: A PHASE II TRIAL OF PALLIATIVE LATTICE SBRT
Kapoor, VaishaliNational Institutes of HealthNational Cancer Institute Transition Career Development Award K22 $459,6337/7/20203 yearsROLE OF MIDKINE IN MOLECULAR TARGETED THERAPY TO TIP1 FOR LUNG
Stanley, JenniferRadiological Society of North AmericaFoundation                 $30,0007/1/20201 yearEXPLOITING RADIATION INDUCED ANTI-TUMOR IMMUNITY IN ADVANCED-STAGE AND METASTATIC OVARIAN CANCER
Perkins, StephanieBJHF Designated FundSiteman Investment Program Research Development Award Multi-PI pre-R01                 $60,4257/1/20201 yearEXAMINING COGNITIVE DECLINE IN MICE FOLLOWING A CLINICALLY MIMETIC BRAIN IRRADIATION PROTOCOL
Curiel, DavidSiteman Cancer CenterBJF Project Award  $167,3997/1/20201 yearAdenoviral Vector Production Infrastructure
Pachigolla, SuvidyaNational Institutes of HealthTL-1 (Thomas Mazur sponsor) $24,1206/1/20201 yearMRI-Based Radiomics for Local Recurrence Prediction in Cervical Cancer