Clinical Informatics

The mission of clinical informatics is to prospectively and seamlessly capture a comprehensive set of clinical, imaging, patient-reported data, and biologic data on all patients. The informatics program conducts clinical informatics research related to radiation dosimetry, tissue injury, and clinical outcomes.

The division is led by Clifford Robinson, MD. Department faculty Dan Mullen, DDS, MS and Walter Bosch, DSc maintain and analyze our dosimetry and outcomes databases for Clinical Informatics. The department biostatistician is Todd DeWees, PhD.

Clinical Informatics in Radiation Oncology provides the following services:
• Clinical research
• Clinical decision support
• Process improvement
• Evidence for quality of our patient care
• Quality of life of cancer survivors

Clinical Discovery research includes tumor samples analyzed for genomics, gene expression and proteomics,and bioinformatics. Blood samples are analyzed for proteins and circulating factors related to tumor progression and response to treatment.