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Siteman South County celebrates 10 years

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Siteman Cancer Center kicked off the new year by celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our South St. Louis County location. At the celebration, all staff received a symbolic T-shirt along with coffee and cookies to show appreciation for all the hard work that goes into providing exceptional care to our patients at Siteman – South County.

Our South County facility, a 37,000-square-foot complex located at Interstate 55 and Butler Hill Road, is staffed by Washington University medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons who collaborate regularly with other Siteman and Washington University physicians.

Patients who come to our South County location have access to Siteman’s robust program of clinical trials, a wide range of supportive services, social workers, psychology services and survivorship clinic. We’ve also recently opened our Integrative Oncology and Health Clinic, offering special programs and services to patients including restorative meditation and arts, whole-person evaluation and acupuncture.