Tuition for the 2022-2023 Academic Year is $1,450 per credit for Medical School Graduate Programs. New tuition rates always begin on July 1 of each year. Summer classes with a start date in June are charged at the rate of the academic year in which they start. Summer classes with a start date after July 1 are charged at the new rate.

Any optional electives taken outside of the Radiation Oncology department may be charged at the tuition rate of the school where the course is offered. Please refer to the tuition rate at the corresponding school(s).

Full-time registration will also require student health, life and disability coverage through the Washington University School of Medicine. For more information on this coverage plan, please visit Washington University School of Medicine Student Health Services.

For assistance and financial planning, please visit Washington University School of Medicine’s Office of Student Financial Planning.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Please make an appointment with the program director if you wish to withdraw from the program. Withdrawal from the program may affect eligibility of re-entry in the future.  

Withdrawl DateRefund
1st or 2nd week of classes100%
3rd or 4th week of classes80%
5th or 6th week of classes60%
7th or 8th week of classes50%
9th or 10th week of classes40%
After 10th week of classes0%